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Katharine Harmon writes in the introduction to You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination, 'I sense that humans have an urge to map ... that this mapping instinct, like our opposable thumbs, is part of what makes us human.' It is this instinct which drove postgraduate student Vincent Lam to represent his sparkling flimsy ideas in a mind map, which later materialized into an unconventional map drawn with music, verbal narration, dance and even food, for guiding the visually impaired.

Numbers seem cold and unapproachable to many, but they are immensely potential as a tool for expression. Mathematicians employ numbers to render their observation and understanding of the universe. Prof. Yau Shing-tung talks to the Newsletter again, telling us how mathematical statements are compatible with nature and that mathematicians are not just freaks or geeks.

'Eighty-eight received the award for having worked at CUHK for 25 years and fourteen, for 35 years.' The no-frills description may dilute the implication of the fact, which is about 102 staff members contributing a total of 2,690 prime years in their lives, or close to 900 years even after conversion to eight-hour workdays. For a university that has just turned 50, its achievements cannot have been attained without the hard work of these colleagues who are worthy of our salutation here again!