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Research Café

From left: Lin Yong, Liu Wenyan, Hanna Lu and Lam Ka-chun

The first Research Café was held on 28 February at the Cafe Area of the University Library with the theme 'Brain and Mind'. It featured four 15-minute presentations made by four PhD students on their research projects. They were Lin Yong and Hanna Lu from the Department of Psychiatry, Liu Wenyan from the Division of Neurology, the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, and Lam Ka-chun from the Department of Mathematics. The event attracted a good number of postgraduates from a variety of disciplines who actively engaged in the discussion.

Based on the Café Scientifique concept, the Research Café is a new service organized by the University Library to provide a series of informal and engaging events where research postgraduate students can get together and present their research. It is aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary research ideas exchange among them, and providing them with opportunities to hone their presentation skills.