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CUHK Students Hold Special Screening of Ocean Films for Visually Impaired

The volunteer group of MOTIVIC

CUHK students held a special screening of ocean documentaries on 30 April for the visually impaired as part of the third Annual Hong Kong-San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival.  MOTIVIC, the student led social service project under the University's I•CARE Programme, jointly with Ocean Recovery Alliance, an NGO,  took five documentaries on ocean protection and marine animals, dubbed them in Cantonese and inserted live audio description to help the visually impaired better understand and visualize the films. All the participants have enjoyed a great adventure into the ocean together without visual or language boundaries. 

This special screening brings together a rich mix of international films covering different topics related to the ocean: conservation, wildlife, culture and humanity. For instance, artists using rubbish from the sea to create art works; the ecological balance between white sharks and pinnipeds; a hospital on a boat in Bangladesh; and giant animals of the ocean. Members of MOTIVIC involved in the whole production process from transcription, translation, dubbing, inviting professional audio describers, to promotion and the recruitment of volunteers.

MOTIVIC was organized by two Ethnomusicology postgraduate students from CUHK, who endeavor to improve the well-being of the visually impaired people through music and culture, and promote their inclusion in the community. 

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