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The 600-Calorie Menu

Garbanzo loaf with marinara sauce and grano wheat pilaf with toasted nuts
Honey hoisin pork loin, soba noodles with vegetable and tea sauce

Food is essential for sustaining basic life processes such as blood circulation and respiration. Yet excessive intake will cause obesity while too little will slow down metabolism, causing fatigue. In general, an adult needs 1,800 calories a day, which averages out to 600 calories per meal. At Morningside College, the nutritionist has done the calorie counting for you.

The canteen at Morningside College launched the 'whole+sum' meals in March which provide all the essential nutrients the body needs at no more than 600 calories per meal. Every meal has a standard nutritional profile of 250 calories of protein, 150 calories of grain, 100 calories of vegetables and 100 calories of fruit. A variety of dishes from various cuisines are also available to ensure that there are healthy options to suit all tastes. For example, the Mediterranean one is vegetarian and comprises a garbanzo loaf with marinara sauce, grano wheat pilaf with toasted nuts, plus fennel salad or an apple. The amount of ingredients and seasonings used has been carefully calculated by the nutritionist and the chef is required to stick to the recipe. According to the canteen operator, one 'whole+sum' dish is offered at lunch everyday and two options daily will be available starting the coming September. Good news for people who need to pay attention to their diet.