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Letter recommending Lao Sze-kwang for Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholarship

The late Prof. Lao Yung-wei (Lao Sze-kwang), Emeritus Professor of the Department of Philosophy, is one of the most important and most respected philosophers of the Chinese-speaking world. His academic achievements have earned him numerous honours. He also contributed to the education of several generations of scholars in Chinese-speaking academia.

Professor Lao's long association with CUHK began in 1964, when he was appointed to the Department of Philosophy and Religion, Chung Chi College. He formally retired from the Philosophy Department in 1985. In 1968, Dr. C.T. Yung, President of Chung Chi College, wrote a letter to Dr. Choh-ming Li, the then Vice-Chancellor, to nominate Professor Lao for the Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholars Programme. In the letter, Dr. Yung praised Professor Lao as a 'capable teacher', who has a 'clear mind and expresses himself well', and that his lectures are 'among the most popular with students'. Besides, Professor Lao had written a lot of books and articles in local journals. In the letter, Dr. Yung also mentioned that Professor Lao had never been abroad and that the trip to Harvard could 'broaden his understanding in philosophical problems'. In September 1969, Professor Lao went to Harvard-Yenching Institute as a visiting scholar. The recommendation letter is now on display at the University Gallery.