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Fei Ngan Tung Buddhism and Taoism Society Supports Daoist Ritual Project

Fei Ngan Tung Buddhism and Taoism Society has generously pledged a donation of HK$2 million in support of a research project titled 'Daoist Ritual in Comparative Perspective' initiated by the Center for the Comparative Study of Antiquity of the Research Institute for the Humanities. With the objective to conduct in-depth comparative study on traditional Daoist rituals, the project will analyze the similarities and differences between the rituals found on classic Daoist Cannon and those rituals that are practiced in modern times in mainland China.

At the cheque presentation ceremony held on 13 June 2014, Mr. Lau Chung-fei (3rd right), abbot of the society, remarked that their organization has been putting extensive effort to preserve and promote Daoist culture, and supporting academic research projects on Daoism. He is delighted to collaborate with the centre to explore the essence and beauty of Daoist rituals, and to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Prof. Fok Tai-fai (4th right), CUHK Pro-Vice-Chancellor, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Lau and the society for their generosity in supporting the ‘Daoist Ritual in Comparative Perspective’ project. ‘Under the leadership of Prof. Poo Mu-chou (1st left), director of the centre, I am certain that this will be a very fruitful partnership,’ said Professor Fok.


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