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WS Green Day and Halloween Masquerade Party

In late October, Lee Woo Sing College organized a Green Day and an International Halloween Masquerade Party to raise the awareness of environmental protection and low carbon living, and to enhance cultural exchange among its local and international students, respectively.

Held on 24 October in the College courtyard, the College’s second Green Day featured different eco-workshops such as a display solar cookers, a workshop on natural tie-dye, a workshop on recycling paper making, a farmer's market, a free-cycling campaign, and green exhibitions. Prof. Gabriel Lau, director of the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability, officiated at the event and shared his knowledge on environment protection and sustainability with participants.

The International Halloween Masquerade Party was organized on 30 October. About 200 students from different countries and regions dressed up as their favorite Halloween characters and partied under the full moon in the College courtyard. There were live dance performances, a cosplay photo booth, lucky draw, a dance floor, and Halloween-themed food and drinks. The Residential Student Association of the College prepared a haunted house for the brave-hearted. It was so popular that students need to stand in line for almost an hour for their turn!


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