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Editor's Note

Information technology is everywhere in this issue of the Newsletter. A student who interned in Bulgaria pointed out that the dormitory he was staying at did not have WiFi, yet one of his responsibilities there was to design a webpage for a bakery. Prof. Zhou Ji,who was conferred an honorary degree by the University, is committed to promoting optical science research in Wuhan with the aim of turning it into the Optics Valley of China. A recipient of the University Education Award, Prof. Steven Ngai says the Internet has given rise to new addictions and problems, but also opened up new channels for youth counselling.

There’s no escaping from the Internet of Things. It has sped up the rhythm of our lives and shortened our attention spans. E-mails not replied to within two days, WhatsApp messages that fail to solicit a response for three minutes are all causes for anxiety.

We are all running out of patience it seems. Young recruits to the job market are eager to climb the corporate ladder and beat their peers to success. They might forget about important qualities such as integrity and interest. H cautions new joiners who have just passed the probation period against forgetting to appreciate the scenery along the way. When was the last time we too stopped to look out of the window?


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