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New Student E-mail Service—@Link

A new cloud e-mail service for all CUHK students, named @Link, was launched on 4 November. @Link runs in parallel with CUHK Webmail service (for students) until summer 2015. During the operation, there is no impact to departments and staff. Please note the followings while communicating with students through e-mails.

  1. Another E-mail Address of Students
    You may receive students' e-mails sending from their @Link mailbox, apart from their CUHK Webmail. Their @Link e-mail address is Student-ID@link.cuhk.edu.hk.
  2. Change of Students’ Contact List in Summer 2015
    You do not need to change your students' contact list with their @Link e-mail address until the decommissioning of CUHK Webmail (for students) in summer 2015. The University continues sending official e-mails to students' CUHK Webmail mailbox, as any e-mails sending to students' CUHK Webmail mailbox will have an additional copy automatically forwarded to their @Link mailbox.
    While in summer 2015, please update your students' contact list to their @Link e-mail address. ITSC will handle the change in University administrative application systems and assist departments that are using mailing list service to communicate with students.
  3. Eligibility of Using @Link
    @Link is for students' use only. Departments and staff continue using the CUHK Webmail or departmental e-mail service as their official contact.

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