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Art Museum Collaborates with Bank of America Merrill Lynch

(From left) Prof. Josh Yiu, associate director of the Art Museum; Ms. Lilian Chong, Asia Pacific head of corporate social responsibility of Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Prof. Leung Yuen Sang, director of the Institute of Chinese Studies; and Prof. Jenny F. So, director of the Art Museum

Bank of America Merrill Lynch will fund the Art Museum of CUHK to restore 30 works by Lui Shou-kwan, one of the most innovative and influential painters in Hong Kong in the 20th century, as part of the bank's global Art Conservation Project. The restoration will focus on some of Lui's most important works including his interpretation of classical masterpieces from the 10th to 20th century. Lui's paintings are known to contain important annotations on the meaning and purpose of art, a valuable resource for academics and researchers to better understand his contribution to Hong Kong's artistic traditions. The project is scheduled for completion in 2016. 

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