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Editor's Note

Spring descends upon the campus, shrouding everything in fog and turning it into a misty paradise. What coincidence that one of the fathers of obscurist poetry Bei Dao has received the coveted Golden Wreath Award.

On these days of humidity so high that even walls can cry, the Newsletter enters the restoration studio of the Art Museum to learn about the 'Conservation of Lui Shou-kwan's Paintings' project led by museum associate director Prof. Josh Yiu and conservator Xie Guanghan, and the technicalities and considerations in mounting and remounting art works of great value.

Support for art restoration, like many of the University's academic research and student development activities, relies in great part on the generosity of benefactors. But can only the rich and powerful help to realize the dreams of academic staff and students? Director of Institutional Advancement, Ms. Janet Chow, explains that it all originates in the heart.


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