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Editor's Note

The Chinese University's diabetes research has a long history. On the 10th anniversary of the Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity, we review the institute's work and chat with its director Prof. Juliana Chan to learn more about the whole-person approach to treatment of this doctor, researcher and professor who makes patients' well-being her first priority.

Some patients are well aware of the risks of their illnesses, but choose to turn a blind eye as long as they still feel 'fine'. It's only at the urging of the doctors or nurses that they may change their lifestyles and take their medications on time. Good communication between patients and medical practitioners can enhance the quality of treatment. This is valuable given the hurried tempo of contemporary societies.

Technological advancement seems to have made communication more efficient, to the extent that words are deemed too tedious and replaced by symbols and visuals. But can these short-cuts really replace face-to-face interaction?

The summer holidays are upon us. Why not take a break from the digital screen, take a walk under the sun, and express your feelings to your loved ones in person?


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