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Business School Alumni Watch Movie with Primary School Kids

On 16 May, the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office of the CUHK Business School organized an appreciation event for the movie Little Big Master at a cinema.

In the event, a total of 50 Business School alumni and 50 primary school students from low income families packed the cinema hall. The alumni served as volunteers and each of them sponsored and accompanied one schoolchild to watch the film. The children were all students of Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School. Most were primary 3 students from the 'Mustard Seeds Project', a charity project administered by the Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, with support from the Zheng Ge Ru Foundation.

After the movie, Prof. Kalok Chan, Dean of the Business School, conducted a sharing session with Mr. Chan Wing-kin, supervisor (corporate development) of the association.


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