The Manifold Expertise of CUHK Scholars

Very often, what a leading researcher does not only finds answers to the basic questions but also seeds the ensuing scientific enquiries. Under some circumstances, the seed may even take root on broader grounds to impact on the lives of the common folk. It is the manifold expertise of CUHK scholars that distinguishes CUHK as a comprehensive and vibrant research community.

CUHK Scholar

Prof. Edwin H.Y. Chan

School of Life Sciences

Tracking Spinocerebrellar Ataxias

Prof. Chan King-ming

School of Life Sciences

Marine life and water quality monitoring

Prof. Chan Lai-wan

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Artificial neural network

CUHK Scholar

Prof. Chan Sin-wai

Department of Translation

Computer-aided translation

Prof. Chan Wood-yee

School of Biomedical Sciences

Solving the mystery of congenital megacolon

Prof. Cheung Yuet-wah

Department of Sociology

Substance abuse and drug policy

CUHK Scholar

Prof. Jia Jiaya

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Image deblurring software

Prof. Leung Ping-chung

Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Chinese herbs to cure diabetic foot

Prof. Catherine A. McBride

Department of Psychology

Language and reading development in children

CUHK Scholar

Prof. Lawrence K.S. Wong

Department of Medicine and Therapeutics

Bring hope to stroke patients

Prof. Zhang Li

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Microrobotic transporter inside the body

Prof. Benny C.Y. Zee

The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care

Automatic diagnosis for cerebral vessel conditions and stroke risk