Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 11 May 1965

Academ ic P lanning C omm ittee before they are finalized. 5. A ll p a rt-tim e teachers w ill be expected to attend departm ent meetings and to set and m ark ex am ination papers. 6. Compensation, payable m on th ly, shall be made at the rate o f $2,000 per te rm fo r a tw o -u n it course, $3,000 per term fo r a th re e -u n it course. or $4,000 per te rm fo r a fo u r-u n it course, con­ s titu tin g the entire compensation fo r all o f the duties listed above. 7. T h e compensation fo r p a rt-tim e teaching is charged against u n fille d fu ll-tim e posts, hence no ad d itiona l budgetary pro vision is required. 8. T h is p o licy w ill take effect from the 1965/66 academic year. COLLEGE BURSARS OR COMPTROLLERS M r . J o h n L . Espy, Chung C h i College M r. Espy was born in Cordele, Georgia, U .S .A . and obtained his B.S. in Chem ical Engineering from the Georgia In s titu te o f T echnology in 1944. A fte r several years as an electronics officer in the Navy, he attended the Massachusetts In s titu te o f Technology and obtained the Sc. M . in Chem ical Engineering. Between the years 1947-1953, M r. Espy taught engineering subject at the Robert College School o f E ngineering in Istanbul, T u rk e y . D u rin g these years he travelled w id e ly th ro u g h o u t the Near East, stud ying the factors re ta rd in g the in d u stria liz a tio n o f developing countries. In 1953 M r. Espy jo in e d the Engineering D iv is io n o f the K odak Park W orks o f the Eastman K odak Com pany in Rochester, N .Y . where his assignments included the design and selection o f chem ical process eq u ipm e n t; pro je ct coordination, econom ic evalua­ tions, financial analysis o f projects and tra in in g - coo rdinator fo r engineering personnel. Since 1963 M r. Espy has been a m ember o f the C h em istry D e pa rtm ent at C hung C h i College, teaching in d u s tria l chem istry. E a rly this year he was made Bursar in ad d itio n to his teaching post. M rs . Espy is w o rkin g in the O rde r D e pa rtm e n t of the Chung C h i College L ib ra ry . T h e ir tw o children attend the Diocesan Boys' School. D o n a l d Cole McCa b e , N e w As i a College. M r. M cCabe was born on Staten Island, New Y o rk C ity , December 26, 1917. A fte r graduating in 1935 from the M o rris to w n , N ew Jersey p u b lic h igh schools, he attended Yale U n iv e rs ity where in 1939 he received a B .A . degree in Am erican H isto ry . In 1939, M r. M cCabe was appointed by the Y a le -in -C h in a Association as "B a c h e lo r" E nglish teacher fo r Y a li M id d le School in H unan, China. Because o f fig h tin g then in progress in China, Y a li had been relocated from Changsha to Y u a n lin g in the same province. H is appo intm en t included a preparatory year o f study at the Yale G raduate School in the D e partm ents o f Education and Race Relations, and two subsequent years, 1940-1942, in Y uanling . U p on his re tu rn to the U n ite d States in September 3