Bulletin Spring‧Summer 1998

To Lead, Innovate and Serve: Thirty-fifth Anniversary Celebrations 2
The 53rd Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees 4
New Buildings on the Horizon 16
Shanghai Fraternity Association Research Services Centre 16
Mong Man Wai Building 18
Chung Chi College Teaching Complex Phase V 19
School of Public Health Building 19
Potiential Unlocked 20
Another Rhodes Scholar From CU 20
BBA Teams Shine in International and Local Competitions: McIntire International Case Competition 21
BBA Teams Shine in International and Local Competitions: Business Strategy Competition 22
More Victories to Forge a Fine Rowing Tradion 22
Research News 23
All for the Sake of Excellence in Research 24
Joint Laboratory for Geoinformation Science 24
The Fastest Supercomputer in Hang Kong Is Now at CUHK 26
Hong Kong's First Bioinformatics Centre 27
Stargazing Through the Mathematical Telescope 28
Outstanding Achievements 33
Three Teachers Win National Natural Science Awards (Prof. Henry N.C. Wong, Prof. Y.D. Wong, and Prof. Chan Hsiao Chang) 34
Prof. Henry N.C. Wong Receives Second Class Award 34
Profs. Y.D. Wong and Chan Hsiao Chang Receive Fourth Class Award 35
Prof. W.S. Wong Receives Hong Kong Award for Industry for Jasmine & ANSeRS 36
Prof. Xu Yangsheng Appointed National Chief  Technical Adviser 37
Prof. C.K. Yeung Elected Most Outstanding Young Person 38
Prof. Yeung Yue-man Appointed ISAB Member of UNESCO 39
News in Brief 40
Gifts and Donations 51