Bulletin Spring‧Summer 2001

IT: The Name of the Game 2
From University to Society 2
IT in Teaching and Learning 4
Promoting IT Literacy Among Students 4
Introducing Online Teaching 6
Offering New Programmes 7
Promoting the Internet 8
CUHK: The Internet Hub of Hong Kong 9
CUHK: Father of the Hong Kong School Net 10
Research into IT and IT in Research 12
A Glimpse into the Future of IT 12
IT as a Powerful Research Tool 14
Area of Excellence in IT 17
A New Research Institute Charged with the Modernization of Chinese Medicine 19
A Regional Centre of Excellence to Promote Hospitality and Tourism Industry: The New School of Hotel Management at CUHK 24
Informing Life and Informed by Life: Bioinformatics 28
Research News 32
Save the Brooks, Rivers, and the Seas: Using Biosorption and Biodegradation to Fight Toxic Dyes 33
The 55th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees 36
News in Brief 53