Bulletin No. 2, 2009

Our Humanities Scholars 2
Penning Histories of the Forgotten: Hsiung Ping-chen 4
A Shaolin Master of Words: Wong Kwok-pun 6
An Ink Spot Left in the Blank: Bei Dao 8
Professor Fox: Lee Ou-fan 10
Negotiating a Path Between Chinese and Western Philosophies: Shun Kwong-loi 12
Where the Humanities Flourish 14
Former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Charles K. Kao Wins Nobel Physics Prize 18
Optical Fibre Applications 21
8th Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 22
66th Congregation 28
60th Anniversary of Department of Philosophy 32
Departmental Reforms of Faculty of Medicine 34
The Best and the Brightest 36
Top Students Admitted to CUHK 36
Global Business Students Sweep Top Awards 37
News in Brief 38
Appointments 38
New Council Chairman 38
New Council Members 38
New Faculty Deans 39
New College Masters 39
Emeritus Professor 39
Professorial Appointments 40
Honours and Recognition 41
Vice-Chancellor Appointed Honorary Professor by China Agricultural University 41
Engineering Professor Elected IFAC Fellow 41
International Accolade for Engineering Professor 42
New Haze Removal Technology Wins Best Paper Award 42
Paper Praised for Enduring Influence 43
New Design Ups Vibration Energy Collection by Half 43
Ecological School Project Wins International Award 44
CUHK Members Recognized for Enhancing Human Wellness 44
Research 45
Research on Single-Incision Laparoscopic Appendectomy Bears Fruit 45
Silent Cerebral Infarct Found to Worsen Glaucoma 45
Groundbreaking Discovery in Semiconducting Nanowires 46
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant Acquired to Combat Flu 46
HK$24 Million Research Grants for 28 Projects 47
Activities and Events 48
Reorganized University Council Extends Membership to Students and Staff 48
Prof. Yau Shing-tung’s 60th Birthday 48
Brain Tumour Centre Opens 49
Asia’s First Computer-assisted Orthopaedics Laboratory 49
Naming of CUHK–PWH Cardiovascular Intervention Centre 49
CUHK to Establish Lab with French Institutions 50
Establishment of Radar Remote Sensing Application Research Centre 50
Global Youth Chinese Literary Award 51
Management Leadership Training Programme 51
Intellectual Cross-currents 52
Prof. Pai Hsien-yung on Tradition and Modernity 52
New Asia College 60th Anniversary Lecture 52
CAS Academician on Global Change Research 53
Senior Counsel on Legal Profession Environment 53
Vice-Chancellor Leads Delegation to MIT 54
Closer Ties with Beijing Genomics Institute 54
Conference Examines Oncology in South China 55
Cantonese Opera Diva Pak Suet-sin Visits Rare Book Room 55
First Pharmacoeconomics Forum in Greater China 56