Bulletin No. 2, 2012

In Jubilation for the Golden Jubilee 2
Embrace our Culture, Empower our Future 4
Reaching Out to the Community 10
Joyous Occasions 11
Conferences, Seminars and Forums 12
Public Lectures 13
Exhibitions 14
Let’s Run for CUHK 15
Alumni Cohesion 16
Rapport and Support 18
Eleventh Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 22
After the Higgs, What’s Next? 24
How Cells Cheat Death 28
New Colleges, New Lessons 30
Keep the Books and Knowledge Flowing 32
Orthopaedician Awarded for Teaching Excellence 34
The Best and the Brightest 36
News in Brief 38
Appointments 38
New/Reappointed Council Members 38
New Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor 38
New/Reappointed College Head/Master 39
Emeritus Professors 39
Honours and Recognition 40
Prof. Dennis Lo Awarded International Honours 40
Prof. Rossa Chiu Awarded APEC Science Prize 40
Prof. Albert Lee Elected to Institute of Medicine 40
Prof. Du Ruxu Elected Fellow of Society of Manufacturing Engineers 40
Research 41
Ultra High-speed Internet on the Horizon 41
Breakthrough in Remote Sensing Image Fusion Technology 41
Long-standing Mystery of Human Reproduction Solved 41
New Technology Cures Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation 42
Treating Bone Cancer with Computer-assisted Surgery 42
Pathogenic Pathways of Spinocerebellar Ataxias Revealed 43
New Method to Raise Cerebral Blood Flow in Stroke Patients 43
Activities and Events 44
Grand Opening of Lo Kwee-Seong Integrated Biomedical Sciences Building 44
Lee Quo Wei Cardiovascular Centre Opens 44
Youth Urological Treatment Centre Opens 45
Lee Wing Kit Advanced Ophthalmic Training and Education Centre Opens 45
Lee Quo Wei CUHK Golden Jubilee Scholarship Endowment Fund 46
Chen Shupeng Geoinformation Science Book Gallery Unveiled 46
Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation Supports I‧CARE Programme 47
CNOOC Donates HK$15 Million to Support Mainland Students 47
Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation Supports Shiu-Ying Hu Herbarium 47
Donations to Promote <em>Kunqu</em> and Cantonese Opera 48
Sixty Units Pledge to Go Green 48
Intellectual Cross-currents 49
Future of Public Higher Education in the 21st Century 49
Hu Shuli on Journalistic Utopia 49
Shenzhou Astronauts Visit CUHK 50
CAS Academicians on Earth Energy 50
Dr. Stephen M. Young on America’s Renewed Commitment to Asia 51
Dr. Lam Bun-ching on Global Music 51
Prof. David C.L. Liu on College Education 51
Lectures by Shaw Laureates 51
Symposium on Pharmacovigilance 52
Two International Poets in Hong Kong 52
Dr. Fu Yuning on Hong Kong-Guangdong Economic Cooperation 52