Newsletter No. 45

University News 1
A New Institute for Educational Research 1
30th Anniversary Celebration in August 1
CUHK Produces the Best Computer Programming Team 1
One in Five Mentally Ill 2
New Computer Equipment for the University 2
APIB Helps to Train American Business Executives 2
1,598 Graduates in 1993 3
New Publication of the University Press 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Features 5
HK$30 Million-Bill for the Pursuit of New Knowledge 5
Photographs and Memories 8
Personalia 10
Announcements 12
Local Education Allowances (LEA) 12
Reimbursement of Course Fees to Terms of Service (B) and (C) Staff 12
Salary Revisions for Terms (A) Staff 12
Certificate Courses in Theology 12
Mandarin and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Spouses 12
Home Purchase Scheme Invites Application 12
Staff Development Grants/Programmes 1992–93 3