Newsletter No. 139

News 1
CUHK Takes Lead in Establishing Asia Academy of Management 1
Two More Patents for CUHK Inventions 1
Expert in Chinese and Japanese Literature Visits Chung Chi 1
Conference Explores Man's Relation with Science, Nature, and Man 1
Ways to Improve Teaching 2
Winter Break Exchanges for Chung Chi Students 2
Features 2
CU Biologist Touches a 'Raw' Nerve in Plants 2
English—from a Cross-cultural Perspective: Champion of Plural Language on World Englishes 3
Announcements 4
Art Museum Exhibition and Conference 4
Annual Leave Schemes for Staff Members on Terms of Service (B) and (C) 4
Meet the Press—Open Day of CU Press 4
Gift Certificates and Coupons up for Bidding 4
Greetings from The Chinese University Women's Organization (CUWO) 4
Personalia 5
New Books 6