Newsletter No. 156

News 1
3,969 degrees Conferred at the University's 55th Congregation 1
Y2K Information Centre to Conduct Comprehensive Systems Checking 1
Three Projects Receive Funding Support 1
Wei Lun Scholar Discusses Multiculturalism and Value Relativism 2
Two New Medical Centres Established 2
New Facility to Deal with Rapid Ageing 2
Collaborative Research Centre to Study Stroke 2
TDU Workshop on Course Evaluations 2
New Achievements in Heart and Lung Surgery 2
Student Physical and Psychological Health Cause for Worry 2
Features 3
Documenting the Realities: English Language Teaching in Hong Kong Schools 3
Announcements 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 4
University Library System Opening Hours During Christmas and New Year Holidays 4
Putonghua and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Spouses 4
Personalia 4
New Books 5
Renditions No.52 (Autumn 1999) 2