Newsletter No. 168

News 1
Gathering of Chinese Physicists on CUHK Campus 1
Patients to Benefit from New Method of Detecting Heart Attacks 1
New Technology Centre to Boost University-Industry Cooperation 1
Make Education a Lifelong Process, Said Old Hand in Educational Research 1
Asian-American Psychologist Reviews Interventions for Leading Medical Disorders 1
New Centre for Elderly with Dementia 2
More Care for Children of Divorcing Parents 2
From CMMRC to ICM: Consolidating Chinese Medicine Research Activities 2
Spatial Data Analysis Under Probe 3
Microbiology Summer Course for Mainland Fellows 3
Japanese Study Tour for BBA Students 3
CUHK Project Enhances Multimedia Services on the Internet 3
Student Visitors from Mainland and Taiwan 3
Best Protocol Presentation Award 3
Announcements 4
Professorial Appointments 4
University General Education 4
Student Campus Work Scheme 2000–2001 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 4
Superannuation Schemes Exempted 4
Staff Development Grants/Programmes 2001–2002 4
Annual Academic Staff Review and Staff Development Grants Applications/Nominations 5
Forthcoming Exhibitions at the Art Museum 5
Library Opening Hours During Mid-Autumn Festival 5
Re-opening of the University Fitness Room 5
University Swimming Pool 5
Extra Outpatient Consultation Services Scheme 5
2000 Legislative Council Elections 5
Personalia 6
New Books 7