Newsletter No. 208

News 1
Dr. Lee Hon-chiu Becomes Life Member of the Council 1
More Victories for the CU Rowing Team 1
Naming of University Facilities 1
Support for Four More Research Projects 1
Centre for Clinical Trials on Chinese Medicine Receives Donation 2
Site-specific Drug Delivery System Gives New Hope to Uveitis Sufferers 2
Service to the Community and International Organizations 2
Features 2
Lend Him Your Ears: Prof. Ambrose King on His New Appointment as VC, Plans for the Coming Year, University Mergers and a Lot More 2
Announcements 4
New Council Member 4
Emeritus Professor of Community Medicine 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes and MPFS 4
Exhibition on Snuff Bottles and Demonstration of Inside Painting 4
Personalia 5