Newsletter No. 376

Show Them What You’ve Got 1
Features 2
Experiencing the Splendour of Spring: Kunqu and Cantonese Opera Education and Promotion Project 2
Campus News 4
20th Anniversary of Engineering Faculty 4
Commercialization of Biomedical Inventions 4
Zimmerman on Architectural Heritage 4
Pharmacovigilance Strategy to Maximize Drug Safety 5
Seminar on China Social Work 5
Achievements 5
Four CUHK Students Receive Australia Awards 5
Three CUHK Scholars Named Croucher Senior Research Fellow 6
Squash Team Wins First-ever Championship 6
Style Speaks 6
What is it that you appreciate? 6
Personalia 7
Announcements 7
Public Lecture by Scholar of Architecture from Turkey 7
International Conference on 'Translation and Asian Studies' 7
Call for Entries—CC College Anniversary Art Exhibition 7
Ten Questions for... 8
Raymond Leung 8