Newsletter No. 398

No. 398, 19.5.2012 7 CAMPUS NEWS 校 園 消 息 APAIE was founded in December 2004 with CUHK as one of 13 founding members. The objectives are to bring together international educators and relevant organizations to promote communication, networking, and professional development; to facilitate the exchange/mobility of students, staff, and scholars; and the advancement of academic collaboration inter-regionally. 逾二百粵港癌症專家赴佛山交流 • Over 200 Cancer Experts Join Foshan Retreat 中 山大學—香港中文大學華南腫瘤學國家重點實 驗室於4月21至22日在佛山召開第四屆聯合工作 匯報,超過二百名研究人員和學生參加。中山大學國際 合作與交流處處長凌文華與中文大學夥伴實驗室副主任 陳德章教授致開幕辭,探討雙方可共同發展的項目,將重 點研究華南地區常見的癌症。會議由曾益新院士、孔祥復 院士、馬駿教授、陳德章教授及杜家輝教授主持,同時發 表近六十篇學術論文,其中,中大博士生樊毅超與副研究 員康偉二人同獲一等獎。 T he fourth retreat of the SYSU-CUHK State Key Laboratory (SKL) of Oncology in South China was held in Foshan from 21 to 22 April. Over 200 researchers and students from Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) and the Chinese University took part. Prof. Ling Wen-hua, director of the Office of International Collaboration & Exchange— Office for Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan Affairs, SYSU; and Prof. Chan Tak-cheung Anthony, CUHK, delivered the opening addresses. Prof. Zeng Yixin, Prof. Kung Hsiangfu, Prof. Ma Jun, Prof. Chan Tak-cheung Anthony and Prof. To Ka-fai, co-chaired the meeting. Collaborative projects particularly in cancers common in southern China were discussed. Around 60 posters were presented and adjudicators from both universities awarded joint first prize to PhD student Fan Yichao and research associate Kang Wei, both from CUHK. 中海油慨捐千五萬元成立內地生獎學金 • CNOOC Donates HK$15 Million to Support Mainland Students 中 文大學獲中國海洋石油有限公司(中海油)慷慨捐贈一千五百萬港元, 成立中國海洋石油有限公司內地生獎學金,提供全額學費和生活費,資 助內地優異生入讀中大,對偏遠省分和貧困的學生幫助尤深。捐款鳴謝典禮於 3月29日舉行,中海油首席執行官兼總裁李凡榮先生( 右 )把支票送交沈祖堯 校長,並偕同中海油代表團與獲獎學生會面。 T he China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) generously donated HK$15 million to the Chinese University to establish the CNOOC Scholarships to support outstanding mainland students to pursue their studies at CUHK. Scholarship recipients will receive full sponsorship, covering tuition and living expenses, which can help to relieve their financial burden when studying abroad, especially those living in remote areas or poverty stricken places. Mr. Li Fanrong ( right ), chief executive officer and president of CNOOC Limited, and Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, attended the cheque presentation ceremony on 29 March, and met with the sponsored students. 學術交流處處長獲委任亞太國際教育協會主席 • Director of Academic Links Appointed President of APAIE 學 術交流處處長張偉雄教授獲委任為亞洲太平洋 國際教育協會(APAIE)主席,任期兩年。張教授 表示︰「身為第二任主席,我將竭盡所能,在APAIE的穩固 基礎上承先啟後,為未來發展開創新局面。我希望凝聚協 會成員機構所蘊藏的朝氣與活力,並投放在開拓國際專上 教育領域,把現時地區性的服務和影響力擴展至全球,我 衷心期望中文大學在過程中能肩負領導者的角色。」 APAIE成立於2004年,由十三所大學共同創立,中大為其 中之一。它匯聚了國際教育學家和相關機構,目的是加強 溝通、聯網和專業發展,促進師生和學者的交流,以推動 區內的學術協作和進步。 P rof. Gordon W. Cheung, director of Academic Links at CUHK, was appointed the new president of the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) for two years. ‘On the solid groundwork built by its founders, I shall bring the APAIE, in my capacity as its second president, to a new phase of development, translating the youthful zeal and energy of its members into a force to be reckoned with in the arena of international tertiary education, expanding our service and influence from the regional to the global level. I sincerely look forward to a leadership role being played by CUHK in the process,’ said Professor Cheung.