Newsletter No. 398

When Pens Are Down, Vacation Begins 1
Feature 2
Humanistic Spirit from Seed to Bloom 2
A Guardian Angel of Society──Wong Ka-yu 2
Keep the Passion for Society──Law Suk-yi Doris 3
In Plain View 4
Mass Media in the Internet Age: New Media and Visual Action Research 4
Prof. Qiu Linchuan Jack 5
Style Speaks 5
Topic Sentence 5
A Touch of Class 5
<em>Lily</em> 5
Campus News 6
Sixty Units Say 'GO!' 6
PhD Students Win Fulbright Awards to Study in US 6
CNOOC Donates HK$15 Million to Support Mainland Students 7
Director of Academic Links Appointed President of APAIE 7
Over 200 Cancer Experts Join Foshan Retreat 7
Department of Translation Celebrates 40th Anniversary 8
Poetry Gatherings with Gary Snyder 9
Personalia 8
Appointments/Re-appointments 8
Resignations 8
Announcements 9
2013–14 Staff Review for Professoriate Staff—Advancement / Crossing of Pay Bands 9
Maximum Level of Income for MPF Contribution Increases 9
CU Chorus Concert 9
Shakespeare Festival Finals 9
Chinese Dragon Lecture Series 9
Thus Spake… 10
Ms. Vivian Ho, Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability 10