Newsletter No. 439

Revival of the Canon 1
Marginalia 2
Feature 2
CUHK Members Form Partnership in Consumer Council 2
In Plain View 4
We Are What We Eat—An Anthropological Angle on Foodways 4
The Galleria 5
Letter of Gratitude from Prof. Fei Xiaotong 5
CUHK f+b 5
Healthy Baked Potatoes 5
Campus News 6
Ortho-K Lens Can Cause Microbial Keratitis in Children 6
651 CUHK Students Receive HKSAR Government Scholarships 6
Workshop on Medical and Health Care in Hong Kong 7
Eco Tour Photo Exhibition 7
Lin Hui on Satellite Remote Sensing Technology in Sri Lanka 7
Announcements 8
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 8
Briefing Sessions on the Update of Staff Medical Benefits 8
Maximum Income Level for MPF Contributions Increases 8
2012–13 Annual Appraisal Exercise for Teaching Staff 8
2014 Annual Staff Review Exercise and Related Matters for Teaching Staff 8
Graduation Show of the School of Architecture 8
Six Research Projects Receive Grants 8
Obituary 8
Ins and Outs 9
Appointments/Re-appointments 9
Resignations 9
Retirements 9
Thus Spake... 10
Ye Minlei 10