Newsletter No. 532

Feature 2
Breaking the Silence—Bridging the Communication Gap Between the Deaf and the Hearing 2
In Plain View 4
The Big Bang of Plant Vacuoles—Jiang Liwen rewrites the first chapters in plant biology 4
News Tweets 5
On Smoke and Mirrors of the Trade War 5
Modular Transition School 5
Surgeons’ Magical Arms 6
Synergy in Medical Research 6
Increasing Influenza Vaccine Uptake among Local Children 6
CUHK (SZ) Recognized in Global AI Transmission Competition 6
Global Chinese Literary Feast 6
Quadripartite Collaboration on Medical Robotics Research 6
Accolades in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 6
Prof. Emily Chan Receives National Teaching Achievement Award 7
Newly Onboard 7
Announcements 8
Council Appointments 8
Reappointed Dean of Medicine 8
Emeritus Professors 8
Clare Hall Visiting Fellowship Programme 8
Exhibitions 8
Election for Change of MPF Scheme 8
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 8
ARTiculation 9
Salute to Uncle Johnny 9
Doctors' Note 9
From a Young Liver to a Healthy Liver 9
Viva Voce 10
Mr. Anthony Yuen 10