Newsletter No. 545

Her Sweet Delight and Endless Night: The inner sanctum of Sarah Luk 2
To Maim or Not To Maim? To Maim or Not To Maim? Analysing the penal pendulum in traditional Chinese legal thought 5
CUHK Welcomes Back One of its Own 6
Roll Call Alum 7
Venturing into the Brave New World 7
Scholarly Pursuits 7
The Helping Hand of Hydrogels 7
News Tweets 8
Bed Bug Impossible 8
Getting a Foothold in NAI 8
On Carer Support 8
The Secret Ingredients of a Happy Life 8
When the Biomedical Engineers Get Cultural 8
Pioneer of DNA Repairing Speaks at CUHK 9
Exemplary Enablers 9
On Philanthropia 9
Newly Onboard 9
Announcements 10
Reappointed Council Member 10
Female Legal Leaders Seminar 10
Tech Talk 11
Goodbye to All That 11
ARTSpirin 11
The Vicissitudes 11
Remarkables 12