Newsletter No. 547/548

Taking No Risk of Low Risk 2
The Smiley Ambassador from Thailand 4
Roll Call Alum 6
Architecture Outside the Box 6
Announcements 6
Annual Non-teaching Staff Review 6
Staffing Arrangements on University Holidays on Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and Lunar New Year Eve 6
Christmas and Chinese New Year Pay Dates 6
Emeritus Professor 6
Winter Natural Moxibustion 2019 6
News Tweets 7
87<sup>th </sup>Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees 7
Glass Ceilings and the Law 7
Outstanding Alum Returns with Words of Wisdom 7
Triumph for Budding Engineers 7
On Wings of Song 7
Newly Onboard 8
Tech Talk 9
The Self-defacing Self-effacing Selfie 9
ARTSpirin 9
Beyond Infinity 9
Remarkables 10