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Eight Research Projects Receive Grants

  1. Cantonese Opera Publication (HK$47,600)
    Sponsor: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
    Principal investigator: Prof. Tsai Tsan-huang, Director of Cantonese Opera Research Programme

  2. Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2010 (HK$544,500)
    Sponsor: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
    Principal investigator: Prof. Chan Yuk-keung, Department of Fine Arts

  3. In Silico Structure-based Screening and Characterization of Inhibitors for Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein and RNA Polymerase (HK$996,520)
    Sponsor: Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
    Principal investigator: Prof. Shaw Pang-chui, Department of Biochemistry

  4. Evidence-based Adjustment of Topical Glaucoma Drop Use among Hong Kong Patients (HK$286,755)
    Sponsor: Health and Health Services Research Fund
    Principal investigator: Prof. Leung Kai-shun Christopher, Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

  5. The Association of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection in Occurrence and Prognosis of Head and Neck Cancer—A Case Control and Cohort Study (HK$200,000)
    Sponsor: Grant on Novel Research and/or Community Project on Cancer, The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
    Principal investigator: Prof. Chor Sin-yee Josette, School of Public Health and Primary Care

  6. Superparamagnetic Iron-oxide Nanoshell and PVA Based Chemoembolisation System: A Novel Approach for Targeted Delivery, Selective Retention, Magnetic Targeting, and MRI (HK$904,406)
    Sponsor: Innovation and Technology Fund—Innovation and Technology Support Programme
    Principal investigator: Prof. Wang Yi-xiang, Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Organ Imaging

  7. The Clinical Significance of Mononuclear and Red Cells ß3 Integrin mRNA in Colorectal Cancer Patients (HK$181,736.4)
    Sponsor: The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society—Grant on Novel Research and/or Community Project on Cancer
    Principal investigator: Prof. Wong Sze-chuen Cesar, Department of Clinical Oncology

  8. TGC-ß Signaling in End-stage Organ Diseases: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications (HK$6,900,000)
    Sponsor: RGC Collaborative Research Fund 2009/10
    Principal investigator: Prof. Lan Hui-yao, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics

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