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Presenting Research Findings with Posters

Co-organized by the CUHK Library, the Graduate School and the Independent Learning Centre, the Research Poster Exhibition 2019 for CUHK postgraduates was held in the University Library from 8 to 30 May and from 11 to 15 June in the Yasumoto International Academic Park. The exhibition encouraged postgraduates to present their research to the University community using posters and enhanced their presentation skills. The exhibition this year selected 20 posters submitted by postgraduates across six Faculties. They presented their research to the audience and competed for three Best Poster Presentation Awards in the oral presentation. The champion was awarded to Mr. Chun-sang Pun (2nd right), PhD student of Department of Paediatrics, the first and second runner-ups were Mr. Qianqian Wang (1st left), Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering; and Miss Feng Chen (1st right), Department of Paediatrics, respectively. Mr. Francisco Olivos (2nd left), PhD student from Department of Sociology, was awarded Honourable Mention of Poster Design.

This article was originally published in No. 540, Newsletter in Jun 2019.