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Demystifying Quantum Materials with Diamonds

From left: (back row) Prof. Yang Sen, Prof. Goh Swee-kuan, Ho Kin-on, Zhang Wei, and Chen Yang; (front row) Yip King-yau and Yu King-yiu

Research groups led by Prof. Goh Swee-kuan and Prof. Yang Sen of the Department of Physics have developed an observation technique for quantum materials based on nano-diamonds. Under low temperatures and high pressure, quantum materials display such interesting characteristics as becoming a superconductor. Unfortunately, it was difficult to observe these characteristics given the extreme environment. Using nano-diamonds, Professor Goh and Professor Yang have developed a method of sensing magnetic fields of quantum superconductors that works under extreme conditions together with five postgraduate students, including Yip King-yau, Ho Kin-on, Yu King-yiu, Chen Yang, and Zhang Wei. This method makes it easier for researchers to study and improve quantum materials. It also enhances Hong Kong’s capability in the fields of metrology and high-precision instrumentation. The findings have been published in the prestigious international journal Science.

This article was originally published in No. 551, Newsletter in Jan 2020.