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Fear Not, Citizens! Super-Fly is in the House!

Edwin Chan advocates popular science with his awe-inspiring cartoon storybook

As far as the world of comics goes, superheroes have been breaking their necks fighting for justice and saving the universe for almost a century. Many of these heroes, in fact, are actually super-powered animals. Be it the thunder-yielding felines, the noble rabbit rōnin or the pizza-loving ‘heroes in a half-shell’, these anthropomorphic heroes have, throughout decades, garnered the attention and captured the hearts of many all across the world—kids and adults alike.

Fascinated by the miracles that cartoons and comics can concoct, Prof. Edwin Chan of the School of Life Sciences has always wanted to make use of these heroic embodiments to arouse children’s interest in science. Collaborating with Macau STEAM Lab and his friends from the University of Macau, Professor Chan created Super-Fly—a cartoon storybook about a pair of fruit fly siblings training to become superheroes and contributing to mankind—to educate children on the wonders and benefits that fruit flies can bring to scientific research. Through bubbly dialogues and vivid imageries, Professor Chan wishes to pique the curiosity of younger audience and, ultimately, ignite and fire their passion for science.

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