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Wellness Tracker Keeps You Healthy

From right: Ms. Bonnie Wong, nutritionist; Prof. Mandy Sea, centre manager; and Dr. Forrest Yau, health/fitness specialist, Centre for Nutritional Studies; giving an presentation on the features of My Wellness Tracker HK

The Centre for Nutritional Studies has developed the territory's first free weight management mobile App—My Wellness Tracker HK. Users can input their anthropometrics data, daily dietary and physical activities records into the app and its tracker will then evaluate the users' weight conditions and energy requirements. Advice on adjustments to dietary intakes, sleeping habits, and amount of exercises will also be sent to users.

According to a survey conducted by the Centre for Nutritional Studies, 88% of the respondents were not sure about their daily energy requirement. There is a common misconception that diet control is the best way to lose weight and the importance of energy balance and healthy lifestyle is often overlooked. My Wellness Tracker HK, a user-friendly diary-format app, is thus developed by the centre for tracking nutrition consumptions and energy requirements. The tracker comprises a food database of nutrition information of popular local dishes and food items, e.g. egg puffs, fish paste shao mai, imitation shark fin soup, cocktail bun and beans pudding. Various charts provided in the tracker show the changes in one's dietary and exercise patterns. Records in the tracker will also be useful for health care professionals to give weight management advice to the users.

My Wellness Tracker HK is now available on App Store and Google Play for free. It is also available on the web.