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I‧CARE Programme–Christian Zheng Sheng College Service Project

CUHK and Zheng Sheng students having fun in ice-breaking games

Jointly organized by the CUHK I‧CARE Programme and Christian Zheng Sheng College (ZS), the I‧CARE Programme–Christian Zheng Sheng College Service Project offers students of both institutions chances to get real experience of each other's campus life, and to be inspired to pursue their own aspirations. The opening ceremony of the programme was held at CUHK's campus on 18 June. Officiating guests included Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK and Dr. Alman Chan, principal of ZS.

ZS is a private school specialized in using life education to help students with drug addiction and other problems. The project consists of three parts: a tour to CUHK campus for ZS students; an experience tour to ZS for CUHK students, and long-term tutoring service for ZS students.

On 16 June, ZS students had a taste of university life at CUHK through various activities arranged by CUHK student volunteers, including sports games, formal lectures, facilities visits and a campus tour.
Twenty CUHK students spent three days (26–28 June) at the ZS campus located at Chi Ma Wan in Lantau Island. They served as teaching assistants in the morning and followed the routine of ZS students, including cooking, cleaning, studying, doing all sorts of manual work for campus improvement .

Participants of the project will commit themselves to regular visits to ZS campus to give tutoring sessions to ZS students and help with their school improvement projects.

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