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CUHK's Coffee Culture

The coffee culture on campus is undergoing continuous refinement. The newly opened Café Tolo at Lee Woo Sing College, situated in a patio opening onto a full view of the Tolo Harbour, reminds the coffee aficionado that coffee drinking is not only about beans but the totality of the ambience of, well, drinking.

The drinking utensils deserve more than an honorary mention. The broad-rimmed white cup rewards gulps more than sips. The oval saucer gets its shape for a good reason—to give hearing to the ever compliant biscuit. The only criticism is the spoon. Too unassuming perhaps, it needs to be groomed to go well with the team style.

Quintessential coffee drinking requires no milk or sugar. Its sinking dark colour plunges one into deep thoughts. Its aromatic crema embodies the trinity of sight, smell and taste. All of these are found in the white porcelain of Café Tolo. Still virgin soil, this cozy and chic corner of the College would soon become a hub for coffee buffs on campus.