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This mid-autumn saw the CUHK campus vibrant with song and dance thanks to 50th anniversary celebrations. For three nights, the unique strains of Chinese opera exuded from Sir Run Run Shaw Hall as Peking, Kun and Cantonese operas—UNESCO-accoladed varieties of the art form, were being staged. How does one select the programme? What is the modernity of traditional opera? Dr. Koo Ti-hua and Mr. Yuen Siu-fai who took upon themselves to promulgate Chinese operatic culture shared their views with the audience.

In October a goddess graced our campus with her presence. Led by Miss Tai Lihua, the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe taught students at Lee Woo Sing College some movements from the famous piece Thousand-hand Bodhisattva. The artists demonstrated rhythm in silence and strength in fragility, impressing all present with their talent and passion.

Scientific discoveries are often the results of years, even decades of meticulous hard work. A discovery under a microscope may potentially have repercussions on humankind. Many research projects led by CUHK scholars received funding support from the Research Grants Council under the Areas of Excellence and the Theme-based Research Schemes this year. The areas included cell biology, genetics and energy.

Dedicated research, quest for knowledge and service to peers mark the fulfilling life at CUHK of Xu Bing, president of the Postgraduate Student Association. He shares more in 'Thus Spake …'.