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Editor's Note

The summer is coming to an end with some rather dramatic weather. Drama of a different kind happens at the CUHK Newsletter too as we usher in fresh ideas to welcome a new academic year.

In the new column 'Letters to a Young Executive', Mr. H., a veteran, shares with a young executive officer his insights about the workplace, dishing out advice not on tricks to climb the corporate ladder, but how to buff up the basics, especially the basics of writing. The subject of this debut instalment is committee English and tool books.

Alternating with 'Letters' is 'Tech Talks'. Our lives are inextricably intertwined with technology, but sometimes it seems to defy understanding. The column will introduce concepts and phenomena in IT from a reader-friendly perspective.

Interviews of interesting CUHK figures have been a staple of this newsletter. This tradition will be given a new look and voice by 'Viva Voce' which will have the added feature of videos. Now you can not only read, but watch fascinating dialogues about administrative vision and research accomplishments. Director of the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services, Dr. Ralph Ip is the first interviewee to look into our video camera.

The electronic version of the CUHK Newsletter features interactive elements in addition to the contents of the printed version. You are welcome to give us your feedback or provide content. Lastly, don't forget to check out the Facebook page of its new member, 'CUHK Trove' to find your treasure.


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