A range of bilingual publications about CUHK are produced by the Information Services Office to inform various stakeholders of the University, members of the education sector and the public of our developments and achievements. Both print and electronic versions are published, mostly on a regular basis, to provide updated information on the University all the year round.

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* Reprints and Permissions

  • Reproduction of any article contained in the ISO publications should maintain the integrity of its text. Alterations to the reproduced article should not be made without permission from ISO. A credit line acknowledging the original source should be included. Examples of acknowledgement statement:
    • Reprinted from No. XXX, CUHK Newsletter
    • This article first appeared in No. XXX, CUHK Newsletter, reprinted with permission from Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. (when reprinted by a publication of a more serious nature)

  • Photo Credit: ISO will give credit to the photographer in a format to be determined by ISO in the publications (printed and online) published by ISO. But ISO cannot guarantee that the photo(s) would not be used by other individuals or units of CUHK without ISO's knowledge or consent or without due acknowledgment or credit.
    • Photo courtesy of Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Photo courtesy of Information Services Office, CUHK (when reprinted by another CUHK publication)

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