Newsletter No. 281

News 1
Shenzhen Government and CUHK Sign Memorandum to Promote Shenzhen-Hong Kong Collaboration 1
E-Newsletter Abstract 1
Volume 3 No. 9 1
Ph.D. from CUHK Improves Tamiflu Supply and Production Cost 1
12 CUHK Mathematics Graduates Receive Full Scholarships to Further Studies at Top Overseas Universities 1
CUHK Announces Double-degree Initiatives 1
Bridgetech-CUHK Agreement to Found Clinical Research Organization 2
Medical Deans Reunion 2
Canadian Linguist on English Language Teaching in a Chinese Context 2
Government Policies Stimulate High-growth Startups, Study Finds 2
Eye On Campus 2
Solar Energy—An Infinite Source of Power 2
Features 3
Embracing Shakespeare 3
Cultivating an Energy Saving Culture on Campus 4
Announcements 3
Appraisal Reports for Non-Teaching Staff 3
Exhibition on 'The Art of the Chinese Potter: Selections from the Art Museum Collection' 3
Mission Hills Golf Club Membership 3
World Trade Centre Club Membership 3
Personalia 5
New Books 6
Services to the Community and International Organizations 6