Newsletter No. 346

Features 1
Underground Detectives: An Interview with Professor Tang Chung 1
Buried Stories 2
News & Events 2
CUHK EMBA Ranked 19th Worldwide 2
Prof. Joseph Sung Recommended for CUHK Vice-Chancellorship 2
Shaw Students Care about the World 3
Sustainable Development? 3
Seismic Proof School Built in Two Weeks 4
Professor Yau Shing-tung on ‘The Joy of Research’ 4
Personalia 5
Announcements 7
Appointment of Registrar 7
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme and Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme 7
Thanksgiving Service for Construction of New Chapel and President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building 7
Lectures on Putonghua Education 7
International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 7
Ten Questions for... 8
Prof. Hsiung Ping-chen 8