Newsletter No. 481

Cover Photo 1
Mixing, Matching, Facilitating 1
Features 2
Change Agents in a Melting Pot: Shaw students learn to facilitate cultural integration 2
Classroom On-the-go 4
Financially Friendly 5
The Myth of Turnover 5
Campus News 6
Prevalence and Progression of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Diabetic Patients 6
International Nowcasting Symposium at CUHK 6
Analytic and Clinical Cooperative Laboratory for Integrative Medicine 7
Professional Learning Scheme in Shanghai 7
Engineering Team Becomes Robocon 2016 Hong Kong Champion 7
A Visit to the Museum by Business School Alumni and Friends with Down Syndrome 7
Dissemination Seminar of Quality Education Fund Thematic Network on English Language (Primary) 8
First Modern Bamboo Bridge in Rural China 8
ARTiculation 9
A Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 9
Newly Onboard 10
MAY/2016 10
JUN/2016 10
JUL/2016 10
Announcements 11
New College Head and Master 11
Reappointment of College Head 11
In Appreciation of Dr. Vincent Cheng 11
New One-stop Webpage on Research Resources 11
Election for Change of MPF Scheme 11
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 11
Obituary 11
Viva Voce 12
Rosa Zhang 12