Newsletter No. 528

Features 2
Lest We Forget Our Quest for the Beautiful and the Good 2
Extraordinary Ordinariness 4
News Tweets 6
Children’s Keeper 6
Stay on Top of Financial Technology 6
Joining Forces for STEM Education 6
Time to Get Up and Move 6
Negotiating Business and Sustainability 6
Joining the Belt and Road League for Science and Technology 7
Feast for Eyes and Heart 7
Synergized Efforts Bear Fruit 7
Global Experts Meet on Brain Health 7
CUHK (SZ) Establishes School of Life and Health Sciences 7
Double Gold in Entrepreneurship Contests 8
The Dream Match 8
Announcements 8
Council Appointments 8
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 8
Christmas Pay Date 8
Winter Natural Moxibustion Campaigns 8
Archaeology Internship Exhibition of the Department of Anthropology 8
ARTiculation 9
Turning Paper into Gold 9
Doctors' Note 9
The Battle against Brain Degeneration 9
Viva Voce 10
Prof. Yeung Ying-yeung On Chemistry’s Past and Present 10