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Since 2015, Shaw College has been working with the International Association of Facilitators—Hong Kong Chapter to introduce facilitation in the project of ‘Enabling S.H.A.W’. The association strives to develop meaningful dialogues to create impact in the community. Having achieved a positive impact by means of facilitation, the College was presented the IAF Facilitation Impact Award—Platinum.

The project aims at enhancing system and processes in facilitating student learning and development as well as college administration; cultivating diversity and inclusion in the college community; and aligning goals, principles and processes on key management and student issues. It is hoped that the Shaw community can stand in other people’s shoes and eventually develop a heart-to-heart connection.

The College Head Prof. Andrew Chan Chi-fai opined that facilitation matches the College’s people-oriented culture, which provides an open and interactive communication platform to accommodate the needs of students, the College and society. He hoped that the Shaw team will have a better development through facilitation, preparing Shaw students as the future leaders to serve the community.

This article was originally published in No. 545, Newsletter in Oct 2019.