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ZOOMing in the Dark

How a blind student copes with online learning

(Narration in Cantonese with English subtitles)

We all live in the same world, but we see and experience it differently. As the University announced moving its classes online starting mid-February, students and teachers were hurrying to brush up on their video conferencing knowhow, with some being thrilled at the advent of full-scale e-learning. Few of them were aware that students with special educational needs were facing a grand challenge. While the virus does not stop us from sharing knowledge and sharing screens, it has also widened the rift between the healthy and the disabled.  

In this issue of CUHK Newsletter, we talked to a Year 2 student with visual impairment on his Zoom experience, the challenges and help on the way. There is no such thing as absolute equality in life, yet understanding can draw us closer to one another. Spend two minutes to immerse ourselves into his world and imagine how we would possibly learn online if we couldn’t see. Afterwards we may appreciate the simple truth that he, as well as you and I, can be the vulnerable one.

Interviewer: Christine N.
Video Editor: Amy Tam

visual impairment students online learning Zoom special education