Overseas Study

Studying abroad, whether short-term, for a semester or for a year, builds independence, improves language skills, heightens knowledge of other cultures, fosters cultural exchange, and nurtures a global vision. The Colleges offer a vast array of exchange programmes to different parts of the world. On the other hand, the Colleges also host students from overseas, enriching life and culture on the college campuses.

Chung Chi College organizes the Study Trips: Exploration of German/French Society during summer holidays. The programme includes an elementary German or French course, as well as excursions to different cities. Photo

New Asia College has a student exchange programme with Yale University that aims at enhancing participants’ understanding of social, cultural and scientific issues in the two regions. The programme includes academic seminars, a symposium, research, visits to local organizations and other activities relevant to the particular theme for exchange. New Asia students pay a two-week visit to the US during the Lunar New Year period while Yale students come to the College in March. Photo

Besides providing scholarships to students to take part in overseas exchange and learning programmes of varying durations, Shaw College hosts over a hundred students from all over the world every year. It has also set up a Shaw Buddies Programme to encourage interaction and friendship between local and overseas students. Photo

It is an aim of Wu Yee Sun College to let students go on at least one College-sponsored short- or long-term overseas exchange. At present, students can choose to go to specific institutions in mainland China, Canada, Germany, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the US. Photo

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