Pastoral Care

All aspects of university life, from teaching and learning, to extracurricular activities, are very different from what students are used to in secondary school. The Colleges facilitate the transition of new students through the provision of counselling services by teachers and hostel resident tutors, and the organization of various programmes.

Lee Woo Sing College’s unique non-local mentorship programme facilitates the adaptation of non-local students to life at CUHK and in Hong Kong. Photo

The Mentorship Programme is vital in extending and realizing the visions and missions of C.W. College. To expand students’ visions, enrich their knowledge, and increase their social exposure, the College invites mentors—experienced leading figures from all walks of life, including Chu Scholars who have benefited from the generosity and mentorship of the late Dr. C.W. Chu—to share their valuable experiences with the students, and offer them advice and guidance on educational and professional development. Photo

Apart from professional psychological counselling provided by CUHK, S.H. Ho College also runs its own student counselling services, including one-on-one counselling, and regularly invites professionals to hold personal growth workshops to help facilitate the physical and mental development of its students and boost their self-confidence. Located in Room 301 of Chan Chun Ha Hall, ‘The Wells’ offers S.H. Ho College students a tranquil, comfortable space to create art for self-expression. From this endeavour, they can embark on a journey of self-discovery to eventually establish a core mission in life. It was also here that the College held its workshops like personality dimensions workshop, career workshop, and cultural adaptation programme for non-local students.  Photo

New Asia alumni are an important part of the College as there are no better candidates to share experiences with current students, most notably through the mentorship programme. The College organizes reunion activities for alumni who have graduated at 10 to 40 years intervals in order to strengthen ties with them. The programme includes a wide range of activities, e.g., visiting Cathay Pacific City, the headquarters complex of the Hong Kong-based airline. Photo

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