Learning Beyond the Classroom

Extracurricular activities help to develop interest, cultivate team work, and train organizational skills and leadership. The Colleges have a colourful array of such activities. There are interest clubs covering drama, dance, martial arts, and giving speeches. Students can initiate groups of their choice. Those keen on gaining practical experience can join the internship programmes of different industries and in different regions. Those eager to pursue academic research can apply for subsidy from overseas research programmes.

To celebrate the College anniversary, Shaw students staged a fashion show at the University Mall. Photo

Besides organizing Fun Days that comprise activities such as bowling, archery, yoga and dance, Morningside College also encourages students to initiate and take part in different academic and interest groups. Examples of these include a film club and a writers series. Photo

C.W. Chu College, in collaboration with Education for Good, arranged a weeklong Yunus Centre Study Trip to Bangladesh in June 2013. Two students went on the trip, and experienced social entrepreneurship in the setting of a developing country. The College also established its service team to help disadvantaged secondary students, via summar activities. The College organizes activities of an informal nature, including movie nights, introduction sessions to the Toastmasters Club, and social English workshops, archery fun day, golf fun day, yoga and tai chi classes, CUHK rowing championship, five-a-side football tournament, and the CUHK Aquatic Meet. Photo

Lee Woo Sing College’s rooftop organic farming course lets students gain basic knowledge on making use of urban space to grow healthy and tasty food. Photo

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